Pre Wedding Photography Packages Prices

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27 September 2019

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Pre Wedding Photography Packages Prices

How Much Does A Pre Wedding Shoot Really Cost




As soon as a couple gets engaged these days, the very next thing that comes to their minds is the pre-wedding shoot. It is during their pre-wedding shoot when a couple gets to let loose and enjoy each moment of togetherness in a very special way. Also, it helps the couple build a rapport with the photographer.

While most photographers include pre-wedding shoots in their wedding photography packages, not all couples book the same person for both the tasks. So, we spoke to some of the leading wedding photographers of the country to find out the average pre-wedding shoot price and here’s what we found.


Average Cost Of Pre Wedding Shoot in India




The starting cost of a pre wedding shoot in India varies broadly from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. The average cost of a pre wedding shoot typically is around Rs. 45,000. The charges vary based on different factors like shoot location, duration, concept, equipment used, etc. For a destination pre wedding shoot, a couple usually has to bear their travel and accommodation charges. Also, the couples these days are increasingly opting for pre wedding films (popularly known as wedding cinematography) which has different price points broadly starting at Rs. 25,000.


Pre Wedding Shoots Costing up to Rs. 50,000




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